Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Customer service

(In Fruits and Passion)
A: Do you guys have Tea Tree Oil?
B (Behind the counter without looking): No we don't. Try Body Shop.
A: I thought you guys have it...
B: Upstairs, Body Shop has it.
A: But I saw it in your company's website...
B (still behind the counter, still not moving/doing anything): It is probably back-ordered.
A: ?!? (WTF?)

(In Body Shop)
A: Do you guys have Tea Tree Oil?
B: Oh yeah, it is right over there, and do you know we have buy-two-get-one-free right now for the facial products...
A: Do you have more of this moisturizer for oily skin? The only one left is the sample...
B: Let me check over there, oh well, you are lucky, I found the last one.
A: Thanks!