Thursday, May 8, 2008

To the two guys who mugged me.

When you asked me what time it was, I really didn't think you were that kind of a person. You were normal looking, quite soft spoken, and dressed relatively well. "Robber" is the last thing that I would have associated with you guys.

Really, money is not the most important thing in my life. Afterall, we cannot bring anything with us when we died. So why the unnecessary assault to me? You reallly didn't need to hit me and pin me on the ground to get my money/wallet. If you guys just threatened me, I would for sure just hand you the money that I had. And I would also tell you that you really have the wrong target: I am just a grad student afterall.

I sincerely hope that you guys will use my 40 bucks for some sort of good reasons, like food or rent. I don't think 40 bucks can buy you much beer or drugs.

I actually feel very sorry for you guys. For me life goes on, and I will carry on with my normal day of life with a brighter future. For you, you have to live on like this in the darkness. For you, every day is filled with despair and violence. I can't imagine living a life like this at such a young age (I am guessing you are in your mid 20s?).

At least I have to be thankfull that you guys didn't take my iPod. In case you guys don't know, that costs a lot more than 40 bucks. Perhaps for some strange reasons you know that it is one of a kind with engraving on it, which says "Amor vincit omnia"

That is something that both of you will not be able to experience.

PS: If both of you just stop smoking like a chimney, you will probably save more than 40 bucks a day.


  1. 係唔係D white trash ar!!??

  2. 又唔似係trailer trash囉,都幾斯文架。


  3. 不過佢地都幾怪,IPOD同埋我既Mulberrry包包(600加幣)都冇掂。

  4. 女人? 男人? 都幾怪wo...

    PS: 唔該你改你個留言setting to "NO Word Verification"la