Wednesday, April 1, 2009

From that time on love governed my soul

She appeared dressed in the most noble of colours, a subdued and decorous crimson, girded and adorned in a style suitable to her years.

At that moment, and what I say is true, the vital spirit, the one that dwells in the most secret chamber of the heart, began to tremble so violently that even the least pulses of my body were strangely affected; and trembling, it spoke these words: 'Here is a god stonger than I, who shall come to rule over me.'

At that point the animal spirit, the one abiding in the high chamber to which all the senses bring their perceptions, was stricken with amazement, and speaking directly to the spirit of sight, said these words: 'Now your bliss has appeared.'

At that moment the the natural spirit, the one which dwells in that part where our nourishment is attended to, began to weep, and weeping, said these words: 'Alas, wretch that I am, from now on I shall be hindered often.'

La Vita Nuova, II


  1. 加多兩句,應該比較明顯。。時間還早,都喺朦朧啲好。

  2. 哦, Eric, 花果然有訊!

  3. 花還只是初開,結不結出果子來還未知呢。