Tuesday, July 14, 2009


A. Women have evolved to make snap judgments about your worth without even having to talk to you. This is crucial since 80% of relationships start with the woman choosing the man.

Your move: The easiest way to show your worth? Bask in some female attention. Bring a female friend. Seeing other woman talking to you acts as a mental shortcut. You are pre-approved and therefore desirable. Studies from the U of Aberdeen have shown that your level of attractiveness rises 15% for every woman talking to you.

B. According to a U of Texas study the more highly she rates herself, the harder she will make you work. Counteract this by bringing her down a peg or two. The aim is to thow her off balance, no insult her. As soon as a man shows sexual interest in a woman the power balance tips: he is working to gain her approval.

Your move: Litter the conversation with 'negative compliments'. She will question her desirability, and it will also demonstrate that your are not interested in her based on looks alone. Studies from Washington U show that we are more attracted to people we feel we have won over. A good example: "I would have really fancied you if you were blonde." A bad example: "I would really fancy you if you lost weight."

C. Build trust by moving the date to three locations in one night. This splits the evening into mini-dates, which 'tricks' her brain into thinking she's spent more time with you. When it comes to settling the tab, not only should you be picking it up, make sure you are using big notes. The U of Chicago found that women associated coins with cheapness.

D. Men often go into 'Peacock mode' when trying to impress a girl, listing everything they've ever achieved. Dominating the conversation features in the top five mistakes men make on dates. To avoid this, load your vocabulary with "text-speak". MIT research found men were most likely to succeed if they used words or phrases lasting less than a second , such as, "OK", "I see", and "go on". The most successful daters also varied the pitch of their voice.

E. Mirror-image postural echoing: this is where one person's left side mirrors the other person's right side. This is a strong indicator of harmony and rapport between two people. If you mirror her postures, she will subconsciously see you more favourably.

來源:六月號men's health。


  1. 咁多策略,看來小妹不適合約會呢,因為我覺得有點假.....也許很多人都不喜歡真實的一面....

  2. 拍拖約會都係隋心自然好些...

    這篇太理論化,尤其呢句...Bring a female friend

  3. 我都覺得也實在太造作。